Since its premiere in February 2014, the film has been making waves in the pro-Israel community. The film was reviewed positively in many mainstream publications such as CommentaryThe Jerusalem PostAmerican Thinker, and The Jewish Press.

To date we have received over 200 requests for public screenings.

We have screened the film in over 70 venues – theatres, synagogues and Jewish Community Centers in major cities like New York City, Boston, Chicago, Columbus, Denver, Detroit, Jerusalem, Los Angeles, Miami, Milwaukee, Nashville, Philadelphia, San Diego, and Washington, D.C. The film was also screened in Tel Aviv, and Toronto.

The film has stirred reaction: It has been identified as a factor in the vote to reject J Street for membership in the prestigious Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations. It has been attacked by J Street founder and leader, Jeremy Ben Ami, who claimed that it is “full of lies” — although he has been unable to name a single one.

Our active Facebook page has over 18,000 fans (J Street has about 25,000).

Although the film is focused on J Street, it is also in essence a critical analysis of Jewish (and non-Jewish) progressive thinking, particularly as it applies to Israel.

If you would like to help us do a screening in your community, please contact us. We offer much help and advice.

These are new and daunting times for the Jewish people, made all the more difficult by the misunderstandings that abound, particularly on college campuses, about Israel’s true situation. The J Street Challenge is helping people understand how and why Israel is falsely blamed and pressured, even by people who call themselves pro-Israel.