On J Street’s Failure to Acknowledge Reality

By Elliot Hamilton

Nothing excites me more than the sight of a new official statement from J Street. This organization never ceases to amuse me as it continues to back pedal away from the criticisms expressed throughout the Jewish community for its lack of perspective and for its arrogance while discussing the Arab-Israeli conflict. The world has started to notice J Street’s seductive and misleading mantras as a creative ploy to hijack Israel’s attempts for security in the name of making “peace” with governments bent on the Jewish state’s extermination. It is music to my ears.

In light of the growing trends against it, J Street released a crafty statement in regards to Operation Protective Edge, Israel’s latest counterattack against the terrorist group Hamas following its indiscriminate rocket fire. Its intent, from first glance, was to look even-handedly at the situation between the Palestinian-Arabs living in Gaza and the Israelis. It even condemned Hamas for its continuous rocket fire. However, J Street fails to acknowledge this very important fact: Hamas solely rules over the Gaza Strip and it has a say in any diplomatic means to end this escalation. One cannot call to pursue diplomatic solutions while simultaneously dismantling the terrorist infrastructure of the ruling party. In addition, it is irrational to negotiate with a terrorist entity that neither has ambitions for the two-state solution, or fully ceasing its hostilities against the Jewish state.

If Hamas had the intentions of creating a Palestinian state, then it would seem logical that such a state would have already come into existence following Israel’s withdrawal from the Gaza Strip. Instead, Hamas created a terrorist base out of land that Israel gave to the Palestinian-Arabs in hopes for peace. These ideological beliefs that Hamas seeks a “two-state solution” remain farfetched in reality. However, J Street remains adamant that seeking a peaceful solution through diplomacy with an anti-Semitic terrorist organization exists as a viable option. Nothing is farther from the truth, yet that works for this “pro-Israel, pro-peace” organization in its ideologically suicidal world. It mesmerizes me that J Street continues to seek a peaceful solution to this escalation, as well as the “two-state solution.”

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Originally published on The Times of Israel